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Hope for the 95%

An update regarding Re-Forma.
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In my previous article1, I mentioned that 95% of the world’s evangelical pastors have no formal training2. In addition, The Global Alliance for Church Multiplication (GACX), has as its Mission, "to help start at least five million multiplying biblical churches and faith communities", each of which will need a pastor. They are keeping to their mission and are planting thousands of churches a year. Whilst that is wonderful news, it means that the need for trained pastors is actually increasing. I also mentioned that we have written a program designed to help these pastors minister effectively, culminating in a Certificate underwritten by the World Evangelical Alliance.

We have personally contacted over 7000 leaders around the world and informed them of this program, which has resulted in 295 groups enrolling in 46 countries. The response has been amazing as God urges pastors to become properly equipped for ministry. The program has already been translated from English into Spanish, French, Portuguese and Hindi, and is currently being translated into Arabic, German and Telugu. The plan is to have it available in as many languages as possible. Several students have already earned the Certificate which, because it is underwritten by the WEA, has become the first-ever global standard for non-formal theological education.

The program is free, but successful students must pay $5 plus postage for their Certificates. This has already helped a number of students to be able to afford the program.

We held our first Quality Assurance Institute in Cape Town (before lockdown) piggy-backing on our Annual Board Meeting. Group leaders from Southern African countries were trained in facilitation and assessment skills. We hope to hold the next two in Ghana and Kenya once lockdown is over.

We are grateful that God is blessing this initiative in an amazing way and we look forward to making a significant contribution to closing the huge gap that exists in non-formal theological education.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us through the Re-Forma website.

Dr Reuben van Rensburg
Project Director

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