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He used to identify as a gay man, then he had a change of affection

Becket Cook used to identify as a gay man. Then he met Christ and his life was turned upside down.
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In a previous article we saw that many of those who fall away from the faith have one thing in common: their affection for Christ shrivels up and dies.

So it's refreshing to read about Christians who, when they encounter Jesus, get sucked in by His beauty and remain there, soaking in the glory of our Lord and Saviour.

One such man is Becket Cook, who came to Christ in 2009 after having heard the gospel for the first time. Before his conversion he was a successful businessman who hobnobbed with top Hollywood brass.

He was also openly gay and dated several men.

But one night at a party in Paris it dawned on him that, despite the sea of people before him having a ball, he felt alone and empty.

A few months after that, in a coffee shop, he saw a group of Christians openly reading their Bibles. He engaged one of them, who invited Becket to one of their church services.

Becket went the next Sunday. The preacher taught from Romans 7 and Becket had an encounter with the Holy God that tossed his life upside down!

He became a Christian there and then, and today he shares his powerful story wherever he can. He left his identity as a gay man behind and embraced Christ as the all-sufficient One.

He's also written a book, A Change of Affection, which shares his testimony as someone who was transformed by the power of the gospel.

You can read an interview with Becket Cook here:

And here's a video of him sharing his testimony...

It's inspiring to see his commitment to the Word of God.

May the Lord help us, by His Holy Spirit, to keep loving Jesus! Thank you, Heavenly Father, for raising up examples like Becket Cook!