Jeffreys Bay Bible Church

Who we are

Jeffreys Bay Bible Church is a Bible-believing, non-denominational evangelical Christian church.

What we believe

Please read our statement of faith to see exactly what we believe.

Our leadership

Jeffreys Bay Bible Church is led by a group of godly men. Our elders take up the duty of leading the flock through preaching and teaching while deacons see to the physical needs of the church.

Our elders

Wynand Fourie

Johan Ellis

Leon Olivier

Peter West

Rynhard Bresler

Willie Oosthuizen

Pastor emeritus

Dave Webster

Our deacons

Tim Millward

Stefan Steenkamp

Jansie Blom

Our history


Dave Webster, a church planter from Durban, visits Christian friends in Jeffreys Bay and realises there’s a need for an English-speaking reformed evangelical church.

He returns to Durban and prays over the matter for two years.


Dave returns to Jeffreys Bay and makes the rounds to all local ministers, asking for their right hand in fellowship. All wholeheartedly welcome Dave.

Dave spends the next two years visiting folks in Jeffreys Bay and establishing a Bible study.


Wavecrest Christian Fellowship is formally started with 54 people and the first meeting takes place on 2 February, 1992, in the old movie house in Beach Centre.

The first appointed elders are Dave Webster, Richard Freeman, Aubrey Pike and John Dougall Snr.


The church is freely given a piece of land with a near-finished chapel on it, outside of Jeffreys Bay, by Denys Tomaselli.

The name is changed to Jeffreys Bay Christian Fellowship.

Wilry Williams joins the eldership.


Robby Ayliffe is appointed as elder.

He leaves later on to study at The Master’s Seminary, after which he takes up a teaching position at Christ Seminary in Polokwane, but returns home eventually.


Frans Hill is appointed as elder.


Johan Ellis is appointed as elder.


The church’s name is changed to Jeffreys Bay Bible Church (JBBC).

Denys Tomaselli is appointed as elder.


Willie Oosthuizen and his family joins JBBC.

Much of the timely joyous change he brings to JBBC is seated in the fact that he and his godly wife Marie arrive with six children, with two more added some years later.


Wynand & Delila Fourie return to JBBC from their studies abroad at The Master’s Seminary and Wynand joins the eldership as assistant pastor.


Wynand Fourie takes up position as senior pastor.


Willie Oosthuizen and Rynhard Bresler are appointed as elders.


Leon Olivier is appointed as elder.


Robby and Tracy Ayliffe returns to JBBC and he is appointed as elder.

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